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The vision behind the Smart Region Southern Arizona initiative is to create a place where people discover unlimited opportunity to achieve economic wellbeing. The six key focus areas of the initiative are:

SHARED REGIONAL VISION – Establish a unified vision under which regional partners engage, collaborate and innovate on smart solutions in the areas of technology, data analytics and knowledge sharing to improve the region’s prosperity and quality of life.


  RESILIENCE OF INFRASTRUCTURE – Modernize the region’s public infrastructure using technology, data analytics and information sharing to ensure effective, long-term reliability.

MODERNIZED TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM – Facilitate efficient, user-friendly and safe transportation applications that integrate advancements in communication infrastructure and transportation technology in areas such as connected vehicles, adaptive signals and multimodal mobility services. 


  STRATEGIC TALENT ALIGNMENT – Foster business-education partnerships and targeted innovative programs that cultivate and attract a highly skilled, adaptable workforce to improve the region’s competitiveness in a global, high-tech economy. 

ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE – Provide ubiquitous, ultra-high speed, optimized connectivity to improve advanced regional communication services and lay the foundation for other smart region strategies and technologies.  

  WATER RELIABILITY – Innovate and invest in smart water solutions that promote water conservation and quality, and improve water infrastructure security and efficiency. 


For more information, please contact Tamara Prime at (520) 495-1418 or

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