Vanpool Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I start/join a commuter vanpool?
A: By sharing commuting expenses with others, your personal out-of-pocket costs are greatly reduced. By putting less miles (wear and tear) on your vehicle, you will save on maintenance, depreciation and insurance costs. And statistically, vanpooling is the safest mode of commuting.

Vanpooling is classified as a form of public transportation and eligible for federal or local subsidy programs. PAG provides a federal subsidy of up to $500 per month for vanpools with a required minimum of five riders commuting to companies within Pima County. Some employers also support ridesharing by offering their own subsidy or incentives. Check with your HR Department.

Q: How do I start a vanpool group?
A: Provide us with your home address (or major cross streets) and work address along with your work schedule and number of days a week you work. A Commute with Enterprise representative will contact you with cost and startup details.

Rick MacNeal, Commute with Enterprise

Q: How do I join a vanpool?
A: Register with Sun Rideshare. Once you enter your profile information you can view a vanpool matchlist to see if there are any existing vanpools that meet your requirements. If a match is found, you will be provided with contact information for that vanpool. If the vanpool is full, you can choose to join the waitlist. Sign up with Sun Rideshare today.

If no group exists for your route or work schedule, you can contact us and note your interest in starting a vanpool of your own. A Commute with Enterprise representative will respond with details on the process. Or talk to your HR Department about connecting with other co-workers with similar schedules and commute routes who might be interested in forming a vanpool.

Q: How much does it cost to vanpool?
A: Vans are leased month-to-month, and leases are determined by the monthly commute miles of the vanpool and the size/configuration of the van. The lease cost covers insurance, maintenance, vehicle repair, 24-hour roadside assistance, taxes and registration and customer service. A gas card is also available for convenient fuel payments.

Your Commute with Enterprise representative can calculate total monthly costs and individual out-of-pocket expense estimates and provide a personalized quote on request. Contact Enterprise for details on receiving a “monthly out-of-pocket” quote, or follow this link to view the current monthly lease rate schedule. Learn more about lease rates.

2020 Vanpool Lease Rates

Miles 7 Passenger 8/9 Passenger 10/12 Passenger 15 Passenger
500 $950 $1,003 $1,068 $1,085
750 $950 $1,023 $1,094 $1,124
1000 $975 $1,050 $1,131 $1,159
1250 $975 $1,115 $1,181 $1,207
1500 $999 $1,131 $1,227 $1,265
1750 $999 $1,191 $1,274 $1,295
2000 $1,024 $1,243 $1,318 $1,319
2250 $1,024 $1,252 $1,323 $1,324
2500 $1,024 $1,259 $1,325 $1,332
2750 $1,073 $1,286 $1,354 $1,350
3000 $1,073 $1,295 $1,369 $1,358
3250 $1,073 $1,328 $1,422 $1,395
3500 $1,174 $1,405 $1,501 $1,470
3750 $1,174 $1,495 $1,576 $1,620
4000 $1,174 $1,570 $1,660 $1,680

In general, you can save about 80 percent to 85 percent on commute costs by vanpooling vs. driving your own car to work. In other words, you save more than just on gasoline. When you include your savings on service/maintenance, depreciation and insurance (your true commuting costs), your annual savings are significant. Learn more about calculating commuter costs.

Q: What if we start a vanpool and, for some reason, we need to terminate the lease?
A: The lease agreements for the vans are for 30 days. If the vanpool group needs to dismantle for any reason, no one is saddled with any extenuating financial commitment.