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Pima Association of Governments invites the public to participate in public comment periods, at public hearings or during other public activities. Regional planning involves hearing the voice of the people to understand your needs to address them adequately in our regional planning efforts in transportation, air quality, water quality and economic vitality. Please sign up to receive our e-newsletters or other notices to learn more about how we plan for your future.

Get Involved

Meetings and Events

Notices for PAG committee meetings are posted online at least 24 hours in advance of the meetings. They are also posted on the bulletin boards in the PAG office lobby area as you exit the elevator on the fourth floor at 1 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, Ariz.

Public Participation

Pima Association of Governments’ meetings are open to the public and notices are posted onsite in the office lobby and on the website calendar. PAG also provides notices for public comment periods, public hearings and other public activities, including surveys. You may request to be added to PAG’s distribution list to receive newsletters and notices to stay current on the latest information. Sign Up Public Comment You many submit public comments at any time since…

Public Policies

Pima Association of Governments encourages public involvement to ensure consensus among the jurisdictions and the people who live in the region regarding regional planning and programming activities. The public has access to PAG meetings and planning data, and is invited to participate in focus groups, workshops and surveys. Activities are designed to encourage an exchange of information and ideas. PAG’s Public Involvement Policy provides guidance on how to establish public participation from a wide spectrum…