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Sun Rideshare

Four commuters carpooling together.

When more people choose to carpool or vanpool, fewer vehicles are on the road. This helps reduce both traffic congestion and air pollution. Sun Rideshare is a commuter assistance program offered by Pima Association of Governments that helps people find carpool and vanpool partners.

Anyone in the greater Tucson region can sign up for Sun Rideshare, which offers an online database for people interested in seeking carpool or vanpool partners to save money or contribute to a healthy environment. A qualifying vanpool also may be eligible to receive a travel subsidy from PAG. Employers may offer subsidies as well. Vanpools are viable options for employees who have an extended commute greater than 20 miles and can share the cost of a rideshare option.

Sun Rideshare also provides travel reduction services to employers in PAG’s Travel Reduction Program (TRP). Employers with 100 or more full-time equivalent employees are required under local ordinances to participate in the Travel Reduction Program to maintain or improve the region’s air quality.

Travel reduction services support employer-designated transportation coordinators to provide employees with information about carpooling, vanpooling, using transit or other modes of transportation that help reduce overall traffic congestion.

Additional benefits of using other forms of transportation include cost savings, less stress, cleaner air and improved health.