Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan)

Pima Association of Governments maintains and updates an Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan) for the region. PAG’s water quality management program provides guidance, technical assistance and coordination of regional water quality management efforts. The 208 Plan achieves effective water quality management through integrated planning of wastewater, stormwater, surface water, groundwater and solid waste. The current 208 Plan was adopted in 2006.

Amendments and major Consistency Reviews since 2006:

Amendment (Regional Optimization Master Plan – ROMP) (2009)

Update to the 208 Plan

An update to the 208 Plan was approved by the Regional Council on January 30, 2020, and it is awaiting approvals from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Draft 208 Plan includes:

  • policies and procedures for 208 consistency
  • a Strategic Action Plan to address water quality issues
  • documented water quality conditions and pollution sources (See Appendix A)
  • a wastewater facilities inventory
  • plan adoption records
  • information about watershed setting, history, regulations and authorities (See Appendix B).

PAG’s Draft 208 Plan