When it comes to quality of life, we appreciate a transportation system that helps us reach our destinations safely and on time. We also appreciate a sustainable environment with clean air and water. Our planning efforts lead to building a region that supports our economic well-being and livelihood.


Economic Vitality

As the greater Tucson region’s metropolitan planning organization, Pima Association of Governments conducts strategic transportation planning to enable global competitiveness, productivity and efficiency in our region. Supporting the region’s economic vitality through transportation planning is among PAG’s federal planning requirements. Through its Economic Vitality Advisory Committee, or EVAC, PAG actively identifies how trade, workforce development, land use and tourism activities influence the local economy and considers transportation projects or policies that will help build the…

Smart Region

Pima Association of Governments’ efforts in economic vitality are identifying how the greater Tucson region can level the competitive playing field among smart regions. PAG’s Economic Vitality Advisory Committee established a Smart Communities Task Force, which prepared the following document to launch PAG’s smart region initiative efforts. Smart Communities: Regional Issue Statements, Goals and Strategies The six areas identified to improve the region’s economic competitiveness focus on establishing an advanced communications infrastructure, a modernized transportation…