Meetings and Events

Public meeting information is typically posted below on the online calendar one week, or at least 24 hours, in advance of the scheduled meeting. Meeting notices are posted online when a meeting is officially scheduled. They are also posted on the bulletin boards in the PAG office lobby area as you exit the elevator on the fourth floor at 1 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, Ariz. The meeting will start when a quorum of the members is present. If a quorum is not present after approximately 10 minutes, the meeting may be canceled. Please contact PAG at for meeting verification as needed.

Meetings and Events Calendar

Public access details are available on the individual meeting/event page and at the top of the meeting agenda.

Meeting Minutes

A public access link to watch/listen to the video/audio of a meeting (during or after) is located at the top of each meeting agenda. The video/audio files serve as the official minutes of the meetings. Meeting summaries are posted in the Meeting Documents Library.

Meeting Videos

Currently, you can find meeting videos on our YouTube channel or embedded with every event in our calendar.

Public Notices

Meeting and Administrative Documents Library

  • Meeting and Administrative Documents – Meeting documents (posted before or after the meeting) and other documents may be found in PAG’s online searchable library, including Legal Action Items of meetings, Meeting Summaries, and Agendas. Video/audio files of the meeting serve as the official minutes of the meetings and can be accessed in the video library. For further assistance, contact

2024 PAG/RTA Committee Meeting Schedule

Upcoming Meetings and Events