Regional Bicycle Plan

The vision for bicycling in the greater Tucson region is to provide and facilitate safer bicycle travel using a continuous and connected system of bikeways. The goals of PAG’s Regional Bicycle Plan include education, enforcement, engineering and encouragement to support that vision:

  • Educate all road users on legal, predictable and safe behavior
  • Establish and implement targeted enforcement of specific traffic laws
  • Plan, design, construct and maintain bicycle facilities that meet or exceed accepted standards and guidelines
  • Encourage use of bicycles for transportation and recreation

Infrastructure improvements to enhance bicycle safety in the region have been recognized. The Tucson-East Pima County region is designated as a gold-level bicycle-friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists. The region has over 1,000 miles of infrastructure dedicated to bicycling.

The Regional Transportation Authority has funded more than 330 miles of new bike lanes since the RTA regional transportation plan was approved in 2006. The 20-year RTA plan is funded through June 2026.