Public Involvement Policy

Pima Association of Governments’ Public Involvement Policy provides guidance on how to establish public participation from a wide spectrum of stakeholder and public interests in the PAG planning area.

The policy provides a structure for active public participation to help PAG better identify regional needs that can be addressed in PAG plans, programs and policies. Public involvement efforts include informing, consulting, involving, collaborating with and empowering community members.

As a metropolitan planning organization, PAG manages and updates the following documents based on public and stakeholder input:

PAG has a variety of other transportation and environmental plans and programs in place which are updated periodically and also offer opportunities for public input during development.

PAG’s aim is to allow you enough time to access and review our documents prior to submitting your comments. We encourage you to ask questions if you need more information about our planning or public participation processes.

PAG’s public involvement efforts continually evolve to keep up with the latest outreach tools and best practices, such as offering virtual and hybrid meetings to allow as many people as possible the ability to seek information and participate in our planning processes, if so desired.

Your input matters to help shape our overall quality of life and economic vitality.