Transportation Safety Pledge

Take our transportation safety pledge and make a difference in our community whether you are a pedestrian, bicyclist, driver, or all three. Share what you learn with your family and friends. It could save someone’s life.

TAKE THE SAFETY PLEDGE (click all that apply)

I will cross streets when it is safe at push-button crossings.
I will walk defensively and not assume drivers will yield to me, even in a crosswalk.
I will look up, be aware and know my surroundings.
I will be visible to others at night by wearing bright colors or carrying a flashlight.

I will always wear a helmet.
I will use lights at night to be seen by others.
I will ride on the right side of the road, riding with traffic.
I will not ride on the sidewalk.

I will slow down and follow the speed limit.
I will not drink and drive.   
I will wear my seat belt and make sure others in the vehicle are wearing their seat belts.
I will look out for and yield to pedestrians.