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PAG has an important responsibility: to enhance our regional mobility, sustainability and livability.

Maps and Data
Explore a variety of map tools to view data such as air quality status in our region or alternative fuel locator maps.

Bike & Pedestrian Safety
Safety is a regional goal. Learn about bicycle and pedestrian safety tips and take our Transportation Safety Pledge.

Regional Mobility & Accessibility Plan
Take a look at our 25-year regional transportation plan, which helps to secure federal dollars to help meet our transportation needs.

Travel Data
Curious about traffic patterns in our region? View the latest traffic counts and more.

Public Participation
Lend your voice to planning for our future. Learn about public participation opportunities at PAG.

Transportation Improvement Program
Find out how transportation dollars are budgeted for the region and what projects are in the pipeline.

Regional Connections

March 2023 Newsletter

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News Summary

Lessons learned from 3-plus years of telework

The alarm goes off, you brush your teeth, grab a bagel and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Your morning routine is the same with one major change: No more commutes.   Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have continued to let their employees work from home. In recognition of…

Cycling advice for would-be commuters

With a taxicab yellow paint job, an oversized metal frame and big, knobby tires that elevate its rider higher than traditional road bikes, Jeff Hildebrand’s ebike is hard to miss. As he maneuvers through the concrete and steel canyons of downtown Tucson, his top priority is riding safely and efficiently….

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To address regional issues through cooperative efforts and pooled resources, and to provide accurate, relevant data that leads to effective regional planning decisions.

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