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Every two years, we decide how to best spend funds on regional transportation improvements.


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March 2021

Regional Connections
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Collaborative approach guides successful regional planning

Developing a regional transportation plan is no simple task. The process to draft the next Regional Transportation¬†Authority plan involves time to prepare a plan that citizens in the greater Tucson region ultimately will support at a future election. Members of the RTA‚Äôs Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) are working on a…

PAG preparing five-year transportation program for public feedback

Pima Association of Governments is preparing a draft five-year transportation improvement program, known as the TIP, to identify how projects in the greater Tucson region will be scheduled and programmed with federal, state and regional dollars during fiscal years 2020-2026. The draft TIP includes funding for Regional Transportation Authority plan…

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To address regional issues through cooperative efforts and pooled resources, and to provide accurate, relevant data that leads to effective regional planning decisions.

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