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Every two years, we decide how to best spend funds on regional transportation improvements.


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News Summary

Air Quality Status in Pima County

Air quality has improved significantly in Pima County over the past two decades. This is due primarily to lower emissions resulting from federally mandated stationary source and motor vehicle emission standards; increased fuel economy and vehicle emission technology improvements, and countywide dust control ordinances. The increasing availability for residents to…

Regional transportation workforce development is a group effort

Delivering roadway improvements that have been promised to the residents of the region takes resources, materials, funding and, most of all, skilled labor. Construction is an important part of our region’s workforce and, as of 2018, the construction industry jobs occupied 4.3 percent of the workforce pie in the Tucson…

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To address regional issues through cooperative efforts and pooled resources, and to provide accurate, relevant data that leads to effective regional planning decisions.

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