Transit Planning and Services

The availability of transit services is essential to the greater Tucson region’s quality of life. Pima Association of Governments conducts regional transit planning and coordinates with several state and federal funding programs for public transit to ensure transit services are available across the region.

PAG works with local jurisdictions, the Arizona Department of Transportation, the Federal Transit Administration and many private companies and nonprofit agencies to plan for a regional network of transit services.

Long-range transit planning is conducted as part of PAG’s Regional Mobility and Accessibility Plan which provides a broad vision and goals for a balanced, multimodal and sustainable transportation system over the next 25 years.

Individual transit agencies and municipalities conduct short-range planning. Short-range programming of major transit projects is included in PAG’s five-year transportation improvement program.

Regional Transit Plans

Regional Transit Services

Pima Find a Ride

Pima Find a Ride is a directory of public and private transportation services for the general public, people with disabilities and older adults who want access to reliable transportation in the greater Tucson region when using a private vehicle is not an option for them.