Regional Mobility and Accessibility Plan (RMAP)

As the region’s metropolitan planning organization, Pima Association of Governments develops a long-range, performance-based transportation plan that promotes a safe and efficient transportation system to meet the mobility needs of people and freight across the Tucson metropolitan area.

Plan development considerations include accessible pedestrian walkways, bicycle transportation facilities, intermodal facilities, buses, bus facilities and commuter vanpool providers. Plan projects and programs should foster economic growth and development opportunities, consider resiliency needs and minimize transportation-related fuel use and air pollution.

PAG is federally required (Title 23 U.S.C. Sec. 134) to regularly update its long-range transportation plan, which has a 25-year planning horizon.

The 2045 RMAP was adopted in May 2016 and the 2045 RMAP Update was adopted in September 2020. The 2045 RMAP Update builds upon the current RMAP and updates relevant information including new population and employment data, as well as updated revenue forecasts. The 2045 RMAP Update has a 25-year planning horizon.

To learn more about the development of PAG’s long-range transportation planning process, you may view the 2045 RMAP Update video.

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Shaping our mobility future

PAG is in the process of developing a new long-range transportation plan to address regional transportation system needs over the coming decades.

Learn more about the future 2055 Regional Mobility and Accessibility Plan.