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Pima Association of Governments is a source of regional data and information that PAG shares through online maps and data viewer tools, newsletters, news releases, publications and documents, and public education campaigns. We appreciate when you tell others about the great resources PAG provides to help everyone make better decisions.


We are committed to sharing the latest information with you regarding Pima Association of Government’s programs, services and planning efforts. Please check here for the latest information about PAG surveys, open houses, alerts and regional planning news.

Travel Data

Pima Association of Governments, along with some of its member jurisdictions, regularly collect traffic counts on major roads and intersections throughout the region. Traffic counts are vital input used in PAG’s transportation planning and travel forecasting.

Publications and Documents

To support its planning efforts, Pima Association of Governments prepares policies, plans, reports, and other documents for public review.

Maps and Data

Pima Association of Governments produces customized maps that can aid the public in a variety of subjects including simple location maps, school search, an interactive bike map and terrain data. Interactive Maps Pima Association of Governments creates a variety of interactive maps for use by member jurisdictions and others. All maps are created using geographic information systems (GIS) data for the Tucson metropolitan area. 208 Wastewater Reclamation Facility Inventory Map Regional and National Alternative Fuels…


Access to data is important to support informed decision making across the region and beyond. Pima Association of Governments is a regional data center that offers free services and fee-for-services to allow others to access a variety of data that is developed in-house. This information is made available to the public, our stakeholders and employers in the region. We are happy to help address any questions you may have about the data or services we…