• New RTA tax forecast provides long-term funding picture

    An updated forecast of the Regional Transportation Authority’s transaction privilege tax shows the tax will generate a pessimistic estimate of $2.3 billion between fiscal years 2026 and 2045 for new regional transportation improvements. A 30-year forecast, which was recently completed … Read more

  • Competitive federal grants awarded for regional bicycle and pedestrian improvements

    Five regional pedestrian and bicycle improvement projects will receive grant funding totaling $8.2 million from a federal transportation alternatives program that targets regional priorities through smaller scale projects, such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The five projects were chosen through … Read more

  • Second phase of Sunset Road to arise on January horizon

    Partners joining forces on a new 4-lane regional connection in northwest Pima County include the County, Regional Transportation Authority, Arizona Department of Transportation and City of Tucson. Construction activities are anticipated to start in early 2023 and when fully completed, … Read more

  • RTA financial and project status report – December 2022

    RTA Project Status – Through Nov. 30 Projects in design 80 Under construction/implementation 51 Total number completed 929 RTA Financial Status – Through Nov. 30 Funds expended to date $1.5B 929 RTA projects completed, including: 195 of 200 intersections promised … Read more