• Major roadway section of Downtown Links now open

    Overpasses, underpasses, tunnels, pedestrian bridges, and four new travel lanes. This is Downtown Links, the $76 million roadway improvement project to provide a continuous route for traffic on State Route 210 between Broadway Boulevard and the Interstate 10 Frontage Road. … Read more

  • RTA Next: Community partnership will be key component

    The most important partnership we have at the Regional Transportation Authority is the one with the community, which contributes to our long-term planning insights and ensures our work reflects the will of the voters. This partnership is strengthened in many … Read more

  • What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization anyhow?

    You may have heard the name Pima Association of Governments in connection with the Regional Transportation Authority plan. And maybe this left you wondering: What is Pima Association of Governments, anyway? It’s a fair question. The name Pima Association of … Read more

  • 22nd Street bridge project expected to begin in spring

    The year was 1966, the United States increased its troop presence in Vietnam, Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California, The Beatles played their final concert, and the 22nd Street bridge over the railroad tracks opened. Clearly, the world has … Read more

  • RTA financial and project status report – March 2023

    RTA Project Status – Through Feb. 10 Projects in design 77 Under construction/implementation 57 Total number completed 955 RTA Financial Status – Through Feb. 10 Funds expended to date $1.5B 929 RTA projects completed, including: 195 of 200 intersections promised … Read more