TRP Employer Award Program

Sun Rideshare recognizes all Travel Reduction Program (TRP) companies for achieving the following travel reduction goals:

  • A 60 percent response rate on the company employee survey
  • A 2 percentage point or more increase from the company’s current alternative mode usage
  • The TRP ordinance goal for alternative mode usage (based on minimum response rate of 50%)

Annual Employer Travel Reduction Summary

The travel reduction summary is updated annually. The numbers reflect the totals achieved in the year prior to the current year.

Total # of employees in the Travel Reduction Program: 134,454
Average daily miles traveled per person: 49.9
Total vehicle miles saved: 114,939,344
Average alternative mode use for all TRP employers: 22.12%
Total pounds of pollution saved: 1,436,742

Monthly Award Winners

The award winners are auto-populated each month. The numbers reflect the goals achieved in the month prior to the current month.


  • Gold

Gold awards are given to TRP companies that meet all three travel reduction goals.


  • Silver

Silver awards are given to TRP companies that meet two travel reduction goals.


  • Bronze

Bronze awards are given to TRP companies that meet one travel reduction goal.