Our planning efforts are designed to ensure that the caliber of the transportation system we have in place today and the environmental amenities we now enjoy will continue to be available in the same condition or better for future generations.


Water Quality

Pima Association of Governments plays an important role in assuring our region’s water quality policies are handled consistently and in accordance with federal requirements. PAG writes the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan as required by the federal Clean Water Act. The plan is the basis for PAG’s review of wastewater treatment facility permit requests and changes. In addition, we maintain a wastewater facility inventory map and database for all public facilities in the region. PAG offers access to regional water quality plans and maps. Read more »

Travel Reduction

Our Travel Reduction Program seeks to reduce traffic congestion on our roads to help maintain or improve the region’s air quality. The program also works with major employers to inform employees about the alternative transportation options available to get around the region. Employers with 100 or more full-time equivalent employees are required to participate. Find employer resources to encourage employee participation in the program, monthly TRP award winners and information on the benefits of using alternative modes of transportation. You can sign up for our quarterly newsletter, too. Read more »

Air Quality

As the region’s federally designated transportation conformity and air quality planning organization, Pima Association of Governments maintains a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory and an alternative fuels corridor deployment plan for Interstate 10. PAG also works with local governments in the region to understand the sources of air pollution and initiate proactive steps to curb it. We are committed to maintaining and improving the region’s air quality. Read more »

Solid Waste

Among our other designations, Pima Association of Governments is the state-designated solid waste planning agency for the Tucson metropolitan area. The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan provides an overview of pollution sources, including those near wells in eastern Pima County. The plan dovetails with the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan to address the relationship between solid waste and water quality. Read more »