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Make your carpool even more environmentally friendly

Professionally dressed people in a carpool.

So far, your carpool has been great. Your ridemates are nice, prompt and communicative. You have all saved money and stress and feel good about doing something good for the environment. However, by taking a few extra steps, did you know you can do even more to help reduce emissions as you carpool?

Southern Arizona is still several months away from the peak period for ground-level ozone air pollution that occurs during the hottest months of the year, but it is never too soon to take a few small precautions that can make a difference.

While many emissions contribute to the creation of ground-level ozone, motor vehicle exhaust and gasoline vapors are two that you can help mitigate.

The fact that you are already in a carpool is a great start. For each member in the carpool that is one less car on the road.

Here are some other steps you can take.

  • Map out your route – Has your carpool mapped out the most efficient route? Use an online map app to make sure you are taking the shortest routes to pick up all of the carpool members and get to work.
  • Combine Trips – Can you run errands on the way home? Communicate and see if anyone needs to go to the grocery store or make other stops on the way home.
  • Avoid Idling – Use good communication to avoid idling your vehicle’s engine. If you are running early or the person you are picking up is running late, let each other know and then when you arrive, cut the engine to avoid idling. That will help reduce emissions.
  • Gas Up – Refuel your car after 6 p.m. when temperatures are cooler and ozone levels are lower.
  • Stop At The Click – Don’t “top off” your gas tank, stop at the click, you will reduce fumes that contribute to ground-level ozone pollution. Make sure your gas cap is tightly sealed after re-fueling.
  • Tire Pressure – Check your tire pressure monthly to reduce gasoline use and associated pollution.