The 2020 Census ended Oct. 15, 2020. Thank you for participating!

The deadline to participate in the 2020 Census is fast approaching. You can respond online, by phone or by mail. U.S. Census Bureau workers are going to homes that have not completed the census form yet, but you can block the knock and still self-respond.

By participating in the census, you help provide current data – which is only used in statistical form and leads to better decision-making at many levels for the next decade.

  • Most importantly, the personal information you provide remains confidential and is not shared with anyone. That has been the Census Bureau’s practice and legal commitment since the census has been conducted.
  • Updating our nation’s population numbers every 10 years is required by the U.S. Constitution. Everyone living in the United States on April 1, 2020, makes up our nation’s population. That’s you.
  • New census data helps determine the following:
    • Fair government representation so you can be heard.
    • Equitable distribution of billions of public dollars to states and on to local programs and services that are so important to your family and others.
    • Better decision-making by public and private sector leaders when they have quality census data at their fingertips. This is important for communities, governments and businesses.

These decisions can lead to new jobs, new businesses and placement of new roads, schools or housing. Transportation, education, health care, housing and public safety programs and services depend on funding distributions that are determined by census data. A missed response from one person can cost the region thousands of dollars every year.

Take 5 minutes to complete your form. Participating in the 2020 Census is worth your time and will benefit you, your family and your community. Respond today to shape your future.