Carpool – Share the ride and save

Carpooling is a great way to share the costs of your commute to work, whether it is one day a week or more.

You can team up with coworkers, or sign up to access Sun Rideshare’s free online database to find a carpool partner who may work similar hours and travel the same route as you do every day.

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Benefits of carpooling

  • By sharing the costs, you can save big by spending less on gasoline and vehicle maintenance.
  • By sharing the ride, you reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Your actions help to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions and, in turn, maintain or improve air quality.
  • By letting someone else drive to and from work, you experience less stress.
  • By carpooling, you have a better chance of finding a parking spot at work and may receive special parking privileges.
  • While someone else drives, you have time to check your email, plan your day, read, make a phone call or have a conversation with other passengers.
  • You have an opportunity to impress your boss, since workers with good transportation options are more productive, stable and reliable.

Calculate your savings when you share the ride

When you carpool or vanpool to share the cost of commuting, you save real dollars whether you share the ride five days a week or just one.

Commute Cost Calculator

Tips for starting a new carpool

  • Meet your carpool partners once before you start carpooling, either at a safe/neutral location or by video chat.
  • Determine if you will split driving expenses or take turns driving. If you plan to split expenses, set a price and payment schedule up front. If you plan to take turns driving, establish your schedule upfront.
  • Determine your route to and from work and whether side trips will be allowed.
  • Decide how much extra time you are willing to allow each other in adhering to the schedule.
  • Decide how carpool partners will notify each other in case of cancellations or delays.
  • Determine a backup plan for sick days and vacation days.
  • Have all members of the carpool exchange contact and emergency contact information.
  • Set ground rules regarding the radio dial or music options, cell phone conversations, eating food, smoking or discussing politics in the vehicle.