Transit – Help reduce congestion and pollution

Public transportation is a great alternative travel option that will help reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption and pollution.

The greater Tucson region offers a wide variety of regional transit options that are perfect for commuting whether they are used on their own, or when combined with driving or active transportation options such as bicycling or walking.

For more information about regional transit options, contact Mary Carter, (520) 495-1424.

Advantages of Using Transit

Save Money • When you regularly use transit services, you spend less on gas. If you are a full-time transit user, then you save on the cost of vehicle maintenance and insurance.
Reduce Stress • Letting someone else drive can help reduce your stress.
Enjoy Cleaner Air • Using public transportation reduces the number of vehicles on the road and that means fewer emissions to maintain or improve air quality.
Make New Friends • When you use public transit, you meet other people on the bus, shuttle or streetcar and can become friends.
Achieve better health • Walk or ride your bicycle to the bus stop to add physical activity to your day.

Explore Regional Transit Services

Sun Tran offers trip planning and bus tracking services. Purchase a SunGo card to use on most services.

For more information on transit planning conducted by PAG, see Transit Plans and Services

Pima Find a Ride

Pima Find a Ride is a directory of public and private transportation services for the general public, people with disabilities and older adults who want access to reliable transportation in the greater Tucson region when using a private vehicle is not an option for them.

View available services at Pima Find a Ride