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Vanpool – More passengers, more savings

A van carpool with morning commuters at sunrise.

When several co-workers have similar schedules and travel to work in the same direction as you do, consider starting a vanpool to share the ride and save big on commute costs. PAG partners with Commute with Enterprise to offer vanpool leasing and vehicle maintenance services. Commute with Enterprise has over 35 years of experience operating commuter vanpool programs.

Vans typically have seating capacity from 5 to 15 passengers. Vanpools that sign up to participate in PAG’s Sun Rideshare program may be eligible to receive a federal subsidy to further reduce the cost of leasing a van.

In addition to saving on gasoline and vehicle maintenance costs, sharing the ride leads to reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air due to fewer vehicle emissions. The farther your commute, the greater the savings. If you have challenges finding a parking space at work, vanpools help to open more spaces, and your employer might offer special parking privileges to commuters who use alternative modes of transportation. Learn more by signing up to access Sun Rideshare’s free online database to find vanpool partners.

Vanpools that sign up to participate in PAG’s Sun Rideshare program may be eligible to receive a federal subsidy from PAG based on contracted lease mileage to further reduce the cost of leasing a van. Contact Mary Carter at 520-495-1424 for subsidy information.

Vanpool Leasing

Commuters in a vanpool arrange to share the cost of fuel and a monthly lease. The lease includes:

  • all scheduled and unscheduled service/maintenance costs
  • 24-hour roadside assistance/towing
  • commercial grade insurance
  • loaner vans, if extended service/repair is required
  • no hidden fees

January – July 2024 Vanpool Lease Rates

*Quotes are good for 30 days*

Miles7 Med Crossover Base7 Premium Crossover / SUV**OEM Transit 15Transit 10Transit 12
1 – 2001$1,125Based on Availability$1,350$1,400$1,425
2001 – 2500$1,225$1,450$1,500$1,525
2501 – 3000$1,325$1,550$1,600$1,625
3001 – 3500$1,425$1,650$1,700$1,725
3501 – 4000$1,525$1,750$1,800$1,825
4001 – 4500$1,625$1,850$1,900$1,925
4501 – 5000$1,725$1,950$2,000$2,025
5001 – 5500$1,825$2,050$2,100$2,125
5501 – 6000$1,925$2,150$2,200$2,225

Examples of Vehicles*
7 Passenger Medium Crossover base model – Kia Sorrento LX FWD
7 Passenger Premium – Chevy Traverse LT FWD
OEM Transit 15 – Ford Transit
Transit 10 – Ford Transit
Transit 12 – Ford Transit

* Examples are not an inclusive list
** Traverse LT FWD, other Premium options will need further quote
* Additional vehicle types/trim level quoted based on availability
* The price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges

PAG Subsidy Program

Vanpool MRTMPAG Subsidy
4,001 plus$500

Vanpool Resources

Contact us

Rick MacNeal, Commute with Enterprise

Mary Carter, PAG Director of Partnerships & Development