Broadway East project arrives with a new splash of color

A series of colorful sculptures is rising up along East Broadway Boulevard, a project included in the Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year plan. You cannot miss the giant concrete totems and walls that are part of the improvement project from Camino Seco to Houghton Road. Workers began installing the art pieces in January.

The planning process for the two-mile stretch included getting public input and selection of the art that would be placed along the corridor. Up to 1 percent of the construction cost on an RTA project may include art. Residents wanted art that represents the beauty and resources of the desert. The artist team of Niki Glen, Cindee Lundin, Ralph Prata and Jeremy Soule created just that.

The 18 different pieces are made from soft concrete with carved designs such as cactus, birds and flowers. Most of the sculptures will remain wrapped until roadway construction is complete.

The improvement project will give us four travel lanes, drainage structures, new sidewalks and bike paths, lighting and landscaping and, now you know, a public art display that highlights the beauty of our desert.