New member profile: Marana Town Manager Terry Rozema

Portrait of Terry Rozema
Terry Rozema, Marana Town Manager

Terry Rozema

Town Manager, Town of Marana

Served in this capacity since:

February 2021

Professional background:

Served 24 years with the City of Tucson Police Department, retiring as the Assistant Chief of Police in charge of the Support Services Bureau. Hired as the Police Chief for the Town of Marana in 2011 and served in that capacity for 10 years before assuming the position as Marana Town Manager.

Civic/Community Involvement:

Serve and have served on numerous boards and commissions, coached countless youth sports teams, and led several ministries/outreach efforts over the past 25 years through our church.

Region’s most pressing issue in your opinion:

I don’t know that there is one singular pressing issue. There are many but I will give three I think are very important right now. 1) Water resources: studies are indicating a decline in available water, and we have to look for creative ways to save, recycle, reclaim, etc. the water we pump out of the ground. 2) Infrastructure: We need to wisely invest in upgrading or building infrastructure that will allow for well thought out and planned growth. If we aren’t willing to invest in our community, how can we expect developers to do so? 3) Regional collaboration – while I believe there are professional relationships that exist between the various jurisdictions, there is room for improvement as it relates to the various jurisdictions coming together in a strong spirit of collaboration.

Region’s best opportunity for economic success:

Infrastructure is key, and therefore key investments in key infrastructure projects produce an enticing canvas for development to take root and grow.

What do you like best about what is currently happening at the regional level?

I like what the RTA has been able to accomplish over the past number of years with major road infrastructure projects being completed that benefit the entire region.

Why is regional collaboration important to you?

It’s really quite simple; we’re better and stronger together than we are apart. We may all be separate organizations serving different defined geographical populations, but in the end, we are all just public servants here to serve the entire populous of Pima County. Silos and fiefdoms only serve to separate and divide, whereas regional partnerships and cooperative working relationships build up the region for the greater good and produce a better overall community for everyone. We won’t always agree but wherever there is agreement, there is opportunity for advancement, and we need to capitalize on those opportunities more frequently than we do.

What’s your No. 1 priority in your current role?

To create a culture in our organization that lives and breathes providing five-star government services and to build relationships both internally and externally that result in a larger team working together to serve this region with excellence and integrity.