Mobility for more than cars: RTA assists jurisdictions in finding creative solutions for non-motorized travel

A key component of the 20-year Regional Transportation Authority plan is to increase mobility in our region. But mobility isn’t just for cars.  

RTA Bike Boulevards

The RTA plan funds transit enhancements that allow for extended service hours, enhanced service frequency, additional routes, and options for the elderly and disabled. The plan also has improved mobility for pedestrians by funding miles of new sidewalks, pathways, and accessibility features. 

Mobility improvements for cyclists have increased steadily since the 2006-voter approved plan began, with the addition of nearly 400 miles of new bike lanes. 

Besides funding new bike lanes and multi-use paths, the RTA has assisted member jurisdictions in identifying and funding creative mobility solutions. For example, the city of Tucson’s Bicycle Boulevard program

“Bike boulevards are meant to be alternate parallel routes where it’s less stress, less volume, and more comfort for both pedestrians and bicyclists to utilize,” said Pima Association of Governments Director of Transportation Services Rick Ellis. “It’s brilliant.”

The City of Tucson has developed numerous bicycle boulevards that wind through residential areas in proximity to arterial streets to provide pedestrians and cyclists a safer mobility option. 

Find PAG’s Bike Pathways map for more regional cycling options.