Regional Council OKs long-range transportation plan for region

An update to Pima Association of Governments’ federally required long-range transportation plan was approved by the PAG Regional Council on Sept. 24. The 2045 Regional Mobility and Accessibility Plan (RMAP) Update will be in effect until 2024.

The 2045 RMAP Update shows a fiscally constrained outline of regional transportation investment priorities over a 25-year period (2020-2045) totaling $15.1 billion based on updated financial projections.

Updates made to the plan were based on changes in demographics, land use and travel demand, and financial projections. In addition, completed projects were removed from the document and project cost estimates were refined. The plan, which applies to the greater Tucson area, also complies with air quality and Title VI non-discrimination regulations.

The 2045 RMAP Update builds on the public input obtained from development of the 2045 RMAP and continues to move the prior plan goals forward. Adopted strategies and policies were developed through extensive public involvement under the 2045 RMAP adopted in 2016 and are still valid. Feedback from jurisdictional partners was incorporated into the update as well.

PAG conducted a public comment period and hearing for review of the updated document. Comments were received but no changes were made as a result.