Strategies for promoting alt transportation modes

People walk and ride their bike to work.

The role of a transportation coordinator in the Travel Reduction Program involves a handful of responsibilities, including the promotion of alternative modes of transportation.

One of the best ways to reach employees is to find that one thing that resonates with each employee. Some may be motivated by saving money, others may like the health benefits, while others still might be persuaded by the positive impacts on the environment.

Even if you have the perfect message, you need to get it to the employees. Consistency and repetition are the keys. Don’t just rely on one type of communication. Use emails, newsletters, flyers, posters and any other communication tools your company possesses. You also need to ensure that the messages get out more than once to make sure all employees have a chance to be exposed to the information.

Creativity is another a key component. Find unique ways to tie the message of travel reduction into other items of interest. Pima Association of Governments, the region’s metropolitan planning organization, has had success by applying the travel reduction message to various holidays.

January is both National Staying Healthy Month and Shape Up Month, while Monday, Jan. 22 is the start of Healthy Weight Week. All of these are great events to tie into the health aspects of active transportation, such as walking or biking. January is also Financial Wellness Month, so mentioning the money savings aspects of alternative transportation modes is a logical link.

February features International Winter Bike to Work Month, Love the Bus Month and Telecommuter Appreciation Week, which are easy topics to tie into travel reduction, but other more obscure holidays could lend themselves to fun messaging with some extra creativity.

Many websites feature a long list of holidays and observances like, and

Being your organization’s travel coordinator is not a simple task, but you can try to have a little fun and creativity when promoting alternative modes, while still getting the important message out.