TRP Employer Award Program

Sun Rideshare recognizes all Travel Reduction Program (TRP) companies for achieving the following travel reduction goals: A 60 percent response rate on the company employee survey A 2 percentage point or more increase from the company’s current alternative mode usage … Read more

Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan

Pima Association of Governments prepares and adopts a Public Transit-Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan to guide transportation coordination in the region for older adults and persons with disabilities. Human service agencies are actively involved in identifying regional human service transportation … Read more

Commuter Services and Mode Choices

One of the goals of Pima Association of Governments is to reduce single-occupancy vehicle miles traveled by offering transportation alternatives for daily commuters. PAG’s Sun Rideshare program offers an online database to help you find a carpool or vanpool partner and an online commute calculator to help identify cost savings you can achieve by trying other transportation options. Many alternative modes of travel offer benefits beyond cost savings, and PAG’s Travel Reduction Program works with businesses to find and support transportation options for their employees.

Transportation In Our Region

More than 1 million people live in the greater Tucson region, and though most of them have access to a vehicle, a variety of transportation options are available. In addition to developing transportation plans that help deliver a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system, Pima Association of Governments manages programs that help to reduce traffic congestion and support cleaner air. From mass transit options, ridesharing and other travel reduction efforts to newer transportation methods such as app-based ride hailing, electric and automated vehicles, our planning efforts look to the future of travel. Southern Arizona offers many transportation offerings, including air travel and railroad service.