Regional Bicycle Network and Map

The regional bicycle network consists of over 1,000 miles of bicycle lanes, routes, shared-use paths/trails and bicycle boulevards. The greater Tucson area was the first region in the United States to be designated gold-level as a bicycle-friendly region by the … Read more

Turn your pandemic bicycling habit into your new commute

Bicycling was a terrific solo exercise during the height of the pandemic to stay active and maintain social distancing. Now that many pandemic restrictions have lifted, cycling remains a great way to exercise, reduce driving and save money. For shorter … Read more

Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility

Through its planning efforts, Pima Association of Governments seeks to improve cycling and walking conditions for all users in the region through education and identification of funding sources to support infrastructure improvements. These improvements include new sidewalks, signalized pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and off-street paths. Learn more about the safety plans and explore a map of bike routes throughout the region.